Saturday, May 19, 2012

Slave to fashion at age 4 going on 14

The Big Fella assumed full responsibility for his wardrobe several months ago. He's just turned 4 going on 14.

He's not yet buying his own clothes. Or washing them. But all other clothes-related decisions are his and his alone.

He decides what to wear during the day. And at night.

Spider-Man pyjamas must be matched with Spider-Man undies. Ben 10 pyjamas with Ben 10 undies. Dark blue singlets are preferable to grey. Both are preferable to white.

But it's daywear he's really particular about.

If his Ben 10 t-shirt and hoodie jacket are in the wash, there's hell to pay. Although he's happier now that we have an Angry Birds t-shirt as back-up. And there's always the old standbys of several Spider-Man t-shirts.

We may as well give away all his other clothes, as he only wears the same three outfits in high rotation. Lucky I like washing.

The Big Fella is usually fully dressed and ready to leave the house by 6am or 6.30am at the latest. Complete with shoes and socks, jacket, and Ben 10 cap.

We don't usually leave the house until 8.30am - but he likes to be prepared.

He not only chooses all his own clothes, day and night, he must always dress himself. His brother, nearly 6, would still prefer we dress him and make all clothes-related decisions for him. Quite frankly, The Complicated One couldn't care less what he wears.

It's not hard to work out which teenager will spend all his pocket money on the latest hip outfits - and who won't.

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