Saturday, September 26, 2015

7 reasons to go on a campervan holiday with kids

1. Pop-up café
Having your own mobile kitchen addresses one of the drawbacks of family holidays – the cost and inconvenience of eating out three times a day. A simple breakfast of toast and tea is a relief for the stomach and the wallet. No need to make a reservation at your own mobile pop-up café.

2. Mobile table and chairs
The kids need a break from driving so you pull up at a park where you feel like a cup of tea but there’s no café nearby. What do you do? No problem – turn on the gas and boil the kettle. Too hot or cold to sit outside and watch the kids play? There’s a warm table inside. Can’t find a park bench to eat your takeaway fish and chips? There’s always an inside seat at your own mobile pop-up café.

3. Mobile shower
If you’ve ever showered in a caravan park toilet block you’ll appreciate how good it is to have your own shower. Sure it’s cramped and you need to refill the tank every day, but you can shower without thongs or fear of secondary infections.

4. Mobile toilet
Taking a toilet with you everywhere you go is handy for kids (and older adults!). But be warned – it’s best used only for number 1s, not number 2s, unless you have no sense of smell.

5. Bunk above the cabin
Climbing up the ladder and hanging out in the bunk above the cabin was a kid favourite. But it’s hot and stuffy up there, so get a van with windows above the cab. Avoid renting in summer.

6. King of the road
Sitting high above the traffic using a truck-like steering wheel to veer in and out of lanes makes you feel like the king of the road. Even Sydney drivers will let you merge for fear of being sideswiped.

7. Campfires
Kids love toasting marshmallows over a campfire. Everyone loves sitting around a campfire. Just starting one is pretty cool. Taking your campervan off grid so you can have your own campfire is just about the best thing we did.

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