Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Week 6 - Wee and bubbles

“Look daddy! It’s a bubble bath!” The Big Fella is peering between his legs as he pees forcefully into the toilet bowl. His wee is coming out so fast the water is full of bubbles. He’s very excited. It does indeed resemble a small yellow bubble bath.

There are some simple joys in life that women can never experience – and The Big Fella has just discovered one of them at the tender age of two years and nine months. 

Blokes can have lots of fun in the toilet. Soon he’ll progress to making patterns in the dirt with his wee, and later learn to write his own name with wee. On his first school excursion to Perisher he’ll no doubt wee in the snow.

There is no end to the fun blokes can have with their willie, as demonstrated by the stage show Puppetry of the Penis.

TIP: Coloured baths are a good way of enticing reluctant bathers into the tub. A few drops of food colouring from your pantry will save hours of pre-bath moaning and groaning. You can even turn it into a learning opportunity by mixing dyes to make new colours.

Science experiment re-discovered

A few weeks ago The Complicated One conducted a science experiment involving a plastic bag filled with coloured paddle pop sticks, pipe cleaners, glittery balls, googly eyes and coloured feathers, all floating in a pool of green water and salt. “Then we just need to leave it to rise,” he declared.

This week we rediscovered his experiment, mouldering inside a plastic tub inside the cubby house. Turns out he’d added grass clipping, weeds and dirt to create a dirty green toxic mess.

He opens the lid proudly and shows me inside. “Success!” he declares. But I'm not so sure.

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