Tuesday, October 4, 2011

‘It’s like a little bath, see?’

The Big Fella is peering between his legs at this little fella as he says this.

Last week he was fascinated by the power of his wee to make bubbles in the toilet bowl. Quite sensibly, he likened it to a bubble bath.

This week he sounds like he wants to jump in. “It’s like a little bath, see?” he says as he points his willie further down, so the stream of wee goes straight into the bowl and creates even more bubbles.

He is now very methodical in the bathroom...
Wee or wee/poo
Wipe bottom and/or willie
Climb down using little stool
Shut toilet lid
Climb up on lid and flush toilet
Open lid to check that everything is OK
Nod appreciatively that it is
Lift up right foot so I can slip on undies. Lift up left foot
Ditto for shorts
Stand on slightly higher stool to wash hands at basin
I turn tap on. He rubs hands together for one millisecond
Step backwards without looking. Give dad heart palpitations
Hold up hands to be dried for two milliseconds
Run out of bathroom on urgent mission.

He hasn’t had an accident in his pants for a fortnight. His daily logbook at childcare has stated ‘toilet trained’ for the past month. 

This is cause for celebration. I feel a dinner of sausages and beer coming on!

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  1. YEAH!!! Great to hear. Has there been any "let's wee in the bath to see the bubbles"? or perhaps that is yet to come?!?

    Enjoy the dinner - noticed no veges? :-)