Thursday, December 8, 2011

Backpack’s my friend

The Big Fella has animated his Bob the Builder backpack.

“Backpack’s my friend,” he frequently informs us.

He usually clarifies: “He’s not your friend, he’s my friend. Backpack is only little. You’re a giant. Backpack’s my friend.”

Glad we got that straight.

He loves to wheel backpack, Cow and the Diego etch-a-sketch around the house and backyard in a small stroller. He straps them in, then marches off on important business.

He’s taken to hanging a plastic bucket off one stroller handle. He calls this his work bag.

He fills his bucket (sorry, work bag) with his favourite things, before declaring that he’s off to work. (Wish I could take my favourite things to work.)

He’s normally home from work a few seconds later.  (Wish my work days were that brief.)

Hang on a sec ... now that I work from home, I do take my favourite things to work - and I work as much or as little as I wish (to my valued clients, may I say I work very long and hard for you!)

The Big Fella is clearly onto something. I too need to make friends with my backpack.

"Make friends with your backpack" sounds like a great corporate self-help book title. Like "Who stole my pizza?" or "The 347 attributes of successful people".

I can feel a publishing deal coming on!

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