Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sleeping with Bubba (not Bubba from Tennessee)

One of our boys sleeps with Bubba (no, not Bubba from Tennessee with the moonshine still hidden way up in the Smoky Mountains).

Our other boy sleeps with a Cow (not a lowercase cow that moos).

Clearly I'm talking about their favourite soft toys they take to bed each night. Nothing unusual about that.

The Complicated One has a very ugly and featureless grey bear called Bubba. He’s slept with Bubba every night since he was 1. Their relationship is approaching 5 years - longer than some marriages.

The Big Fella has a cow called Cow (I told you he was less complicated).

He is less faithful, because he also sleeps with his Bob the Builder backpack and Diego themed mini etch-a-sketch.

The backpack contains his favourite cars and trucks. Every new car or truck goes into the backpack. It’s only about 12 centimetres tall but weighs more than a kilogram.

At night he likes to surround himself with Cow, backpack and the Diego etch-a-sketch, then add several other hard plastic toy cars. Favourites are an ambulance and police car, each about 15 centimetres long (ie not small).

Once he’s fully surrounded by toys he’s generally happy to go to sleep. He pulls up the sheet and tucks the toys in, then rolls onto his side.

How he doesn’t wake himself several times a night as he rolls onto the hard plastic edges is anyone’s guess.

Oh wait, he does wake several times a night. I wonder why?

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